Avoid Jet lag and arrive fresh!

Manage jet lag challenges with Uppy!-the genius flyer. Rehydrates and Replenishes your body during long flights, making you arrive fresh.

Flying means that you are forced to be in a desert dry environment at an altitude corresponding to 2500 meters.  This is tough on your body. You risk to get dehydrated and to feel jet-lagged as well as experiencing drowsiness, a slight headache and perhaps to catch a cold.

We developed Uppy! to help you to arrive in better condition, be it for a business meeting, for a vacation or when returning back home.  It is easy and safe. We think it is so obvious to give your body a little support  in fighting jet lagged related challenges.

The Uppy! rehydration ingredients are based on WHO:s recommendations. Uppy! meets the requirements to be called a rehydration product. Keeping you properly rehydrated makes a big difference for your overall wellbeing and helps you to handle jet lag issues in a better way.

Uppy! is also packed with several vitamins, minerals and electrolytes that will support your body when flying. On top of all this, we added quite a bit of ginger, a natural spice, (or herb) that may have many positive effects, not least travel related.  Read more about the benefits by clicking here.  It is great mix delivered in an effervescent tablet that flies through security. It tastes great and you still do not need to drink a lot to have the effects that you want.

We think this is genius.

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